Robert Rosen in Madrid ( Autumn Evening at Café Comercial )

By Numero9 On noviembre 5th, 2018

November 3rd – 2018
Café Comercial ( Glorieta de Bilbao) – 6:00 pm

Robert Rosen was in Spain. It was in Madrid, at Café Comercial. He spoke about his book Nowhere Man – The final days of John Lennon, released in 2003 and re-released now in a 15 Anniversary edition. Meeting last about two hours and Robert spoke about Nowhere Man, about its development, its content and many many other interesting releated things.

It was a nice meeting: Fans of The Beatles, Fans of John Lennon and Fans of Robert Rosen, too. ;) There was time for questions… for answers… and there was that kind of magic that fills this events. Robert had time for an introduction to his new book for 2019, too. We’ll talk about it, here in 10, Mathew Street.


“We met” in year 2010. I published a review of Nowhere Man – The Final Days of John Lennon in 10, Mathew Street. After that someone called Robert Rosen sent a comment, he was grateful for my review and invited me to consult him about the book. Undoubtedly, my first reaction was not to believe that he was Robert Rosen but I decided to send him a mail and solve my doubts. This happened eight years ago and along all this time there has been many other mails, many posts in the Blog and a real will for a personal meeting. And here we are at last.

We spent a few hours together, sharing a day of leisure, and it has served to me to confirm that Robert Rosen, the person, is a good man. He is ” Nice people “, as we say here in Spain, and it is more than enough for me. And I include to Mary Lyn Maiscott, his wife, a really lovely woman. It is a shame not to have had more time but I hope to meet them here again.

See you next time, Robert. I’m waiting for you, again. ;)

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